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Firearm Sales and Special Orders

Missouri Gun & Silencer provides customers with competitive pricing by limiting the inventory we stock. Missouri Gun & Silencer has accounts with several wholesalers across America. We can order most brands and if our wholesaler doesn’t stock a particular brand we will setup an account with the manufacturer. If the inventory is in stock many times we can complete the sale the same day, specials orders and orders that require shipping from the wholesaler usually take 2-4 business days. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee.

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NFA Class III Sales

Missouri Gun & Silencer is a Missouri FFL/SOT Class II dealer. We have a wide range of vendors who supply top quality Suppressors, Short Barrel Rifles & Shotguns (SBR & SBS), Machine Guns (Military/Law Enforcement ONLY). The NFA process will take approximately 6-9 months, this means from the time you pay for the item until the time you take possession is 6-9 months. Be patient and prepared to wait but trust us when we say, it is TOTALLY worth it and you will not be disappointed. YES, Silencers are Legal www.silencersarelegal.com

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FFL/SOT Transfers

We accept firearms transfer from all FFL/SOT Class II/III dealers. • Transfer Fees • FFL Transfer $15.00 dollars per firearm • FFL/SOT Transfer $45.00 dollars

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